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Philanthropy in the Netherlands

Funds for public benefit

There is a lot of private money available for the charitable sector in the Netherlands. The funds come from individuals, households, funds, lotteries and companies and go to a wide range of social causes and charities. These could be educational organizations, care facilities, cultural organizations or sports clubs. The bi-annual survey ‘Geven in Nederland’ (giving in the Netherlands) carried out by the Free University of Amsterdam, shows this amount to be € 4.4 billion a year. The amount of private monies that are intended for public benefit is thus substantial.

Useful giving

Research shows that wealthy individuals who give money consider giving a serious matter. From the previous attitude of ‘just do it’, we see a shift to giving effectively with the desire to have an impact. That said, major donors experience the philanthropic sector as non-transparent and under-developed. Donors and philanthropists of today are looking for involvement and want to learn about patterns of giving, and they want to know that what they do is useful. Beter Geven is an essential partner for serious donors and philanthropists.