Strategy development

You want your money to get to the right place and to really make a difference. You want to be efficient, effective and have an impact. We support the process of developing or further defining visions, missions, goals, grantmaking policies and/or communications strategies. We do this both for operational foundations and for foundations that are being established.

Policy forming

So many questions are raised when thinking about how to have a meaningful impact on a particular target group, theme or a subject. What is the issue you want to address? How can you address it? Are there any other organizations working in the same area and, if so, which ones? How are they addressing the issue? We can carry out an in-depth analysis to help answer these questions. We can also help you think through the best way to translate these into practical activities.

Program development

Program-driven operations give your foundation the opportunity to closely target your work on one theme or target group, and ensure that you are in a position to invite proactive relevant proposals. We can help set up impactful programs. Our support components consist of describing the goals, the intended outcomes, the desired impact, the budget and any potential partners. Other components could include meetings, knowledge sharing sessions, program evaluation and so on. We will also think through the program’s communications and fundraising opportunities with you.


We help board members, managers and staff develop and grow in their roles through coaching or adopting the role of a professional and confidential sounding board. We also offer a wide choice of training opportunities tailored to your foundation’s practice. We regularly run thematic masterclasses and workshops, and masterclasses and workshops on emerging developments such as the systems approach. For more information about our courses


As experienced professionals we offer temporary support in several areas and in different ways. We can provide support should you temporarily be short of staff or are underspending the donation budget. Or if you need support in moving up a level such as entering a new area of work or program, or organizing a major event.

Setting up a foundation

Are you considering setting up a foundation? We will help you navigate the philanthropy world. We will then make sure that you find the right structure and take well-informed decisions. Where we can, we will make connections to relevant organizations. You will start your foundation well prepared.