We are the largest independent consultancy in the Netherlands in the field of philanthropic advice. We enable grantmaking foundations, corporate foundations, family foundations and charities to have the greatest impact when giving. We do this by offering advice, support and by sharing ideas. We thus help improve the climate of giving and increase the impact of philanthropy.


Foundations are the driving force behind a wide range of social initiatives, but society is continuously changing. We will help you be one step ahead of societal changes so that you have the right quality and knowledge in place to face emerging challenges. Your charitable donations will then continue to give an important contribution to society for a very long time.

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Societal challenges are often so big that foundations are unable to solve them alone. They need to collaborate with beneficiaries, other funders, government bodies and others. We have a large and relevant network to draw on to make connections around particular themes or target groups. This will help ensure that your contribution has the biggest possible impact on society.

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We continuously signal any new developments which may affect foundations. Our motto, ‘We can always do better’, encourages our clients and ourselves to push the boundaries and look at things differently. We use what we learn nationally and internationally to offer new perspectives and to motivate our clients to look critically at their actions. In doing so, we drive the philanthropy sector to respond and adapt to changing situations.

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We encourage donors, foundations and philanthropists to contribute to reaching the Sustainable Development Goals, otherwise known as the SDGs. Where we can, we make connections between philanthropic institutions, social organizations, government bodies and corporations to encourage collaboration between sectors.

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About us

Our strength lies in our many years of experience in philanthropy. We know what is happening in the sector and we know the dynamics of foundations from the inside out. We are independent and work with other reputable experts. We are members of SPIN – a network of philanthropic advisors.

Monique Bais

Uses her wide knowledge and network in the social sector to review or define your grantmaking policy. She specializes in policy making and developing new strategies. She creates programs around particular themes and searches for relevant initiatives. She facilitates collaborations and can fulfil an interim advisor position.
+31 6 - 51 22 26 37

Jacqueline Detiger

Knows the world of philanthropists and family foundations inside out through her role as a board member of several foundations. She helps foundations with issues of governance, develops new strategies, and acts as a critical sounding board. She inspires and supports new givers. She is an experienced conference organizer and initiates and facilitates networks.
+31 6 - 53 41 24 72

Bas Pieck

Challenges others to deeply think about the role of foundations. He looks beyond the limitations of projects and programs with the intention of really improving the lives of vulnerable people in society in the long term. He advises on updating visions and policies, supports policy making and establishes new programs. He also does this on an interim basis.
+31 6 - 10 84 48 02